Indoor Soccer Rules 2

COED League && Mayores de 30 League

Game Play Rules

** For Over 30 League, ALL players must be over 30 and will need Identification for every game.
If player plays that is under 30, team will forfeit the game.

** For COED League, 3 girls on the field, if you don't have enough girls, you'll be playing a player down.

  • 8v8 (includes Keeper)
  • 20 min Halves
  • All Players must wear Shinguards
  • No Metal Cleats
  • No Gum on the field
  • No DISRESPECTING Players, Coaches, Fans, Referee
  • No Aggression/Fighting (Could face a yellow/red card)
  • No Sliding (If knee touches the ground, it will be considered sliding)
  • Keeper must play out with their Hands when it's a "Goalkick"
  • Keeper can't drop kick it.
  • Keeper can't throw it pass half line
  • Freekicks/Out of bounds are Indirect kicks UNLESS if it's a handball, it will be a Direct kick
  • Ball must be fully stop on the line before kicking the ball
  • Yellow cards equals 2 minutes out for the player AND you'll be playing a player down for the two minutes, UNLESS you get scored on in those two minutes, you can put a different player on
  • Red cards equals player will not play for the rest of the game and depending on the red card, player will miss a game.
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